Explore Anya 

Anya Healing is a sixth dimensional healing vibration for the Age of Aquarius. As humanity raises vibration, so must the healing that we channel and receive. Bringing us into balance.

Water molecules are a compatible component with all living things. It is the nucleus and power house of each and every soul on earth. 

Anya Healing breaks down toxins within the water molecules, enabling cleansing and purifying.

Our bodies are made up of 70% water molecules. Anya purifies at cellular level and extends to our energy field (aura). Healing leaves you feeling lighter, as dense energy is released.

Human beings, animals, trees, plants, will all benefit from the beautiful balancing and cleansing energy of Anya.

It is of particular benefit to those suffering with acute and chronic illnesses, pain, and trauma. Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and addictions. Anya Healing also aids with the removal of negative energies and attachments.